Doraemon Vol.10

Daichohen Doraemon (Nobita and the Animal Planet)

Book Author

Fujiko Fujio



Book Publisher

Pottermore Publishing

No Of Pages


About This Book

Doraemon, a cat robot, traveled back in time from the 22nd century to watch over Nobi Nobita who’s a good kid but terrible at sports, never studies, and has an incredible capacity for slacking off. Doraemon tries to help Nobi Nobita with nice but often unpredictable gadgets from his 4th dimensional pocket as Nobi Nobita’s clumsy and always getting into trouble. Can Doraemon solve the problems and change Nobi Nobita’s fortune for the better?

With a lonely boy named Ben on board, the brave young dragon Firedrake sets out on a magical journey to find the mythical place where silver dragons can live in peace forever. Flying over moonlit lands and sparkling seas, they encounter fantastic creatures, summon up surprising courage — and cross the path of a ruthless villain with an ancient grudge who’s determined to end their quest. Only a secret destiny can save the dragons in this enchanting adventure about the true meaning of home.

Doraemon Vol.10