False Queen

An extraordinary event is predicted on a dark world called Earth

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River Farm Press

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Aerith thought she was done with crowns, gowns, and, most importantly, Faerie. But oh no. She’s in the thick of it now.

Her Fae in-laws may be beautiful and cruel, but their vile cousins are far worse. There’s nothing they won’t do to take over Dahlquist. With the entire kingdom at risk of falling into treacherous hands, it will take the help of elves to keep control of the castle.

But first, if Liri wants her help, he will have to beg, plead, and leave her unequivocally in charge while he’s off saving Hensley.

This is a battle spreading across all three realms. What the Elmray cousins don’t realize is that when Aerith plays, she plays to win.

False Queen